Hokkaido soup

Last Saturday we went to a farmer’s market here on Amager. It was tiny, and we were a bit late, so some of the booths were emptier than others. But I was satisfied none the less. We came home with an hokkaido pumpkin, ‘glass cabbage’, spring onions and zucchini flowers. Not your usual trip to the grocers’ I’d say.

The seller was a bio organic farmer, with a handlebar mustache and a visible passion for greens. His enthusiasm was contagious, and after a chat I found out that he delivered to another vegetable company, what ever the term is, here in Copenhagen. And even though Aarstiderne is amazing, this was half the price and with a social aspect and a grass root vibe. So I guess you’ll be seeing me at the KBHFF’s booth on Amager every once in a while from now on!

Back home the hokkaido was the first one in the ring. I made a soup, being a little unsure of what other uses pumpkins have. Today the other half is turning into a pumpkin pie, so you better be exited!

I chopped up the pumpkin and removed the seeds, and added them to a sauté pan with onion and garlic. Letting it fry for a while, I added some garam masala and curry and let the spices get really fragrant before some vegetable broth was added. The pumpkin gets tender quite quickly, so after a while I took it of the heat, blended the entire mess and added some cream. Some full fat cream, mind you, and the entire thing turned into the creamiest, most flavourful soup I’ve had for a very long time.

I’m normally not a soup-person, finding that I usually get more full on the bread that goes with it than the actual soup. Plus blended veggie soups often resemble baby food. And that’s hardly tempting.

But this thing had the right fullness, the right amount of spice and flavour to be my kind of soup. I used less than half of the hokkaido, and it yielded more than enough for two, so this is a nice soup to invite people over for. I’m contemplating a lot of dinner parties this winter, since there isn’t much to do – and winter is the season for soup.

I’m a little bit embarrassed I didn’t bake the bread my self, but the day was spent outside in great weather instead of by the oven. Yolo.


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