Continuing the ricottavaganza – this time as dessert!

For those with short-term memory loss, I’ll remind you of the cheese I’m all revved up about at the moment: Ricotta.

I’ve made around four batches already, spreading the first to on toast, just as it is. Lovely.

Ricotta is so versatile, it’s definitely one of my basic foodstuffs, especially now that I can just stock up on milk and cream, and be around an hour away from fresh homemade ricotta.

Last week I went all out and made a frosting. I know, I know, sounds crazy, but no one blinks when you mention cream cheese frosting, do they? Cheese is cheese, and fresh cheese makes awesome frosting.

Enter Vanilla Cupcakes with Honey-Ricotta Frosting.

I’m rarely interested in white cake, but these ones where different. The batter itself looked extremely delicious. And I really like the concept of baking out of what you have in the cabinet.

And it’s the only time a recipe has yielded exactly what it said it would! Ten cupcakes precisely – kudos. The really interesting thing was that the recipe recommended you fill the remaining to cup-holes with water, in order for the cakes to bake evenly. Baking with water in the oven is common in bread making, but I haven’t seen a cake recipe using it before. Interesting indeed.

And I must say, it didn’t make it worse. It’s a keeper.

Sorry for the crap picture, but my phonecam doesn’t have night vision. I’m just trying to show off the frosting.

The ricotta worked wonderfully, a firm and not to flavourful base to a nice frosting. I’m gonna be honest and say I’m not a fan of the honey flavour, so next time I’ll use vanilla and lemon. Maybe a dash of cream.

But the ricotta is my new best friend, and will be in all my frostings from now on. How cool isn’t it to be able to say you made the frosting from scratch? No really, from scratch-scratch!


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