Just a quick post today, showing off the all the deliciousness I got at the vietnamese supermarket around the corner.

I got tired of paying 35 kr for the tiniest piece of tofu, so I googled around and found a couple of places that sell it as cheap as 10 kr per 500 grams! These places had also been busted for selling old goods, but luckily one of the recommended places was this vietnamese place. And boy was I exited!

THEY HAVE EVERYTHING! Herbs, fresh fruit, tempeh, japanese specialties, every type of noodle you can imagine, frozen fish, 47 types of chili sauce, pickled everything. I was drooling.

I kept it simple and left with these goodies:

500 grams of tofu for 17 kr, 400 grams of rice paper for summer rolls for 25 kr, pad thai for 20 kr, four sets of chop sticks for 30 kr, and some sweet chili sauce – for chicken apparently, but who cares. I’m making summer rolls with peanut sauce today, will up on the blog soon.

I can’t wait to go back! Next time I’m getting supplies to make my own miso soup! ERMAHGERD HOME MADE MISO SOUP!


2 thoughts on “Vietnamnam

  1. Sorry for this late reply! But glad to share the information – I shop at the Vietnamese supermarket in Frankrigsgade (Vietnamesisk Supermarked). It's on Amager, and loaded with great stuff! I've heard that the thai and chinese stores around Istedgade and Reventlowsgade are really cheap too – but I also heard that they fiddle with the expiration date, so I definitely recommend the one on Frankrigsgade 🙂

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