Oh, how time does fly!

– when you’re having fun.

I’ve been busy. Occupied. Away. I’ve been traveling for once!
First a trip to London. With friends, in the name of tattoos and Jack the Ripper.
Then to Paris. Which is more appropriate to talk about on this foodie blog of mine. 
Isn’t it gorgeous? If given the chance, I would up and move to Paris. Unfortunately my francophilia isn’t shared to that extent by my boyfriend. I guess I just have to make a little Paris at home then..
My mother and I went to this adorable little market РLe march̩ des enfants rouges. The red childrens market. Whatever that means.
Entering a place like this, you immediately think of what Torvehallerne in Copenhagen WANT to resemble. But never will. This kind of authenticity.. Oh boy.
The concept isn’t to have everything, it’s to have what you need. Not 300 kinds of red wine vinegar and a seven types of basil. But a cheese for every occasion and the vegetables of the season. The market also had prepared food, all kinds of it, from croissants to Eastern European cuisine.
We didn’t buy anything at the actual market, since it was our last day and few of the goods were travel friendly. Nonetheless, I did do a little shopping and will tell you all about it!
For instance in this little shop, Premiere Pression Provence. Everything made with extra-virgin olive oil from Provence. The right kind of niche shop, if you ask me.
I’ll hurry and take pictures of everything I bought – some of you might remember my camera situation that hasn’t changed. Meaning I can only get decent pictures in the middle of the day. Oh well. White whine.

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