One from the archives

Since we’re back, I might as well do the name justice and give you some frosted happiness. Looking through my posts, I can’t seem to find any recipe for carrot cake. What’s that? Should I be declared completely insane for pretending to have a food blog and not post any carrot cake? I agree.

So I hereby give you the carrot cake recipe. Not just any, but mine. My very own, tweaked and twisted one – not that it’s weird or anything. A plain old carrot cake.

Lately I’ve been making cupcakes out of it. I find my self without a suited baking tray, and cupcakes don’t trouble me. I actually quite like them.

And I’m doing you a favour here. Instead of baking a load, and finding out they’re not your kind of carrot cake, this recipe only yields about 8. I think.

Enough for a couple or more people and quick enough to make an extra batch.

I used to get compliments from my teacher for my hand writing. That’s a long time ago.

It says:

half a cup of flour
half a teaspoon of baking soda
a pinch of salt
one teaspoon cinnamon *
quarter cup of caster sugar
quarter cup of brown sugar
quarter cup of vegetable oil
one egg

* one teaspoon is not nearly enough, haha, I put at least two-three teaspoons in. If not tablespoons.

Now that’s more of a note-to-self than a recipe. I’ll try to break it down for you.

Starting with your sugars, combine them and add the oil. I use a big spoon and some elbow grease, but you can be lazy and use a machine. And wash it yourself.

When it’s nice and even, beat in the egg. Real recipes would start by telling you to mix the dry ingredients together first, but I just add them one by one. The flour, the baking soda, the salt, and the spices.

And there’s a detail – I add ginger and nutmeg depending on who’s gonna eat it. I myself am a cinnamon-girl, no fancy stuff here. But I have friends who love a little extra spice, so for them I add a little ginger and nutmeg. I use dried ginger, I don’t use the fresh stuff in baking.

Then some vanilla, some extract if you prefer that, and some real vanilla bean if you got it. I usually save the good stuff for the frosting, and just add the vanilla sugar we’re used to in Scandinavia for the cake.

Some carrots – depends on how many you got and how much you’d like to put in. One and a half cup maybe, slowly folded in and you’re ready. Into the cupcake moulds and into the oven at 180 degrees celsius. No oven is the same, so you have to use a toothpick to see how much they need – somewhere between 15-20 minutes.

Add a frosting of you’re liking – but I’m recommending one with cream cheese, butter and icing sugar – when they’ve cooled down and you’re done!


I bet you’re thinking ‘But how much of this and that for the frosting!?’ and it depends. Maybe 100 grams of butter and 200 grams of cream cheese and sugar until it reaches your desired consistency. Some vanilla seeds for some extra nice – and now go bake and just ask if you need to know more!


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